Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Living Room Updates

I've slowly been improving this area of the home. Considering how much time we spend in this room, I should really be moving faster, but to be honest it takes me a really long time to figure out what I want and then to budget for it. My inspiration for this wall comes from this photo. And the building plans come from Ana White of course! Last Sunday My Vet and his dad knocked it together while mom and I ran to the store after church. (Yep, they are apparently that easy to make.)
It took me a day to putty the holes:
Sand with coarse and fine grit sandpaper:
Grab this spray paint attachment I picked up years ago:
Prime and paint, repeat paint, again, and again: Gray primer since I wanted a black finish and hang, sorry no pictures of that, My Vet was at work and all of my hands were needed elsewhere. I have lots of tweaking left to do, but so far I like where it's headed.
Yes those are the images those frames came with. I told you I wasn't finished. To save you a trip back up to the top here is a side by side:
livingroom progress
I'll keep you posted as I continue to improve the wall.

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