Sunday, April 7, 2013

Be Our Guest

DSC07519   I am a homebody. My favorite place in the winter is to be warm and snug in the house, in the summer it is puttering around the yard. All this home time can get a bit lonely though. I look forward to having friends and family over to visit. If it is for a coffee break, or to stay a while I always want them to feel welcomed. I grew up with 4 sisters and very outgoing parents. There were always people coming to our home. Growing up I just expected to run into people I knew ANYWHERE we went. Mom's pantry was always ready for a last minute get together, and weekly cleaning charts insured that the house was clean enough for drop by visitors. DSC07526   Well my house may not always be as clean as my mom's, but I do want people to feel welcomed and want to come back. I always hope that people will make themselves at home when they visit, but in case they are afraid to let me know they need something I try to be ready. Think like a hotel. When you travel, what items are left in your hotel room? What items can you get from the front desk? Then using my couponing skills, I just assembled a small basket of commonly forgotten toiletries. With my guests basic needs seen too, it is time to have some fun. Many years ago, one of my sisters came to visit me, and was completed appalled that I was unaware of a large festival happening in a town nearby. Now I keep a current copy of Explore Minnesota and any regional happenings books I come across, in my guest room. The paper, and signs hanging in local businesses are a great source of local happenings too. Don't get me wrong, I am not professing to be an expert hostess. I only hope that my guests will overlook my shortfalls by knowing we have put forth the effort to make them feel welcomed and loved. Be sure to book your stay soon!

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