Thursday, January 10, 2013

Green with Envy?

Hard to tell in the photo, but the color is almost and exact
match to the walls!
I have been slowly working on my kitchen. Last winter I found a photo that I loved. I contacted the artist and was able to secure a poster sized print for my dining area. Since it says "Coffee Shop", I thought it would be neat to find some retro style mugs for when I have coffee with friends. I looked into getting some custom made with the logo from the sign, Ouch! I decided to just wait and see. Then, one day I was reading the Pioneer Woman and ran across her post about mid-century Anchor-Hocking Jadite. It is green glass dishes, often referred to as "restaurant ware". Perfect for my little homage to vintage restaurants. So I decided to keep an eye out for it.

Totally surprised and thrilled!
While visiting with my mom over the summer, I mentioned my search for Jadite and asked her to keep an eye out for it. According to my mom, my grandmother had an entire collection that was auctioned off many years ago! It seems none of the kids appreciated it, and I was just a kid myself at the time. Bummer for me, but it's nice to know I share that affinity with grandma.

I had forgotten that I had mentioned it. Then on Christmas morning "Santa" left me a gift with my stocking. Inside where 2 mugs, the exact style that I was looking for. Then my mom gave me a refrigerator box that had her mom had used. One piece had survived!

Stored over my sink so I can enjoy them daily. Bad news is,
it also draws my eye to the Eddie Munster detail on the
The nostalgia of them strikes a chord in me. I have always enjoyed my weekly coffee with Marytina. Now, I will be reminded of the play dates I had as a kid, while my mom visited over coffee. I also hope that some of my other friends (hint, hint) want to stop by now too!

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