Saturday, December 29, 2012

Slip Sliding Away!

Since July, my youngest has been begging for a sledding birthday party. Since last winter we didn't have enough snow, I couldn't make that promise for this year. She prayed regularly and we had a backup plan. Then in the middle of December we got 14 inches of snow! And then the weather stayed nice and cold, we even got a couple of small snowfalls to ensure good snow coverage on our favorite hill!

We made sure to get the invitations out before everyone was gone for Christmas break. Then we hoped that people would remember, and be able to make it.

I googled for ideas on how to throw a sledding party. Most party idea pages are for the summer and spring when it is easy to be outside and full of color. I found a couple of ideas, then planned it out.

The snow hill is only a couple of blocks from the house. So we decided to start there, and then head to the house to warm up. If we had been farther away, I would have set up a buffet out the back of the SUV, and possibly had My Vet drag over the ice house as a make shift warming house. Thankfully, the weather cooperated, we had sunny skies and it was a balmy 20 F. The nearby public library was even open, so we could use the restroom.

On her actual birthday, she requested a snowman cake with chocolate snow.  I decided to carry on with the snowman theme. I had fun with the refreshments. Snowman cupcakes, snowman marshmallows, melted snowmen- baby carrots with ranch dressing, hot cocoa, little smokies, and some coffee for the adults.

The cupcakes were pretty easy. A basic cupcake with butter cream frosting. Using a toothpick I stuck a powdered sugar donut hole on top. Used a Mike and Ike for a nose, Fruit by the Foot for a scarf, and some black frosting for the eyes. The only trouble I had was getting the eyes to stick. Use a small paintbrush to wet the powdered sugar where your eyes will go, then the frosting has something to stick too.

Snowman marshmallows were easy too. Place 2 marshmallows on the tip of a skewer. Cover the tip with a junior mint for a hat. Then using food coloring and a toothpick, add eyes, mouth, buttons, and nose. I used a flower frog to help display them.

I used some orange construction paper, and a black Sharpie to jazz up a basic Styrofoam cup. Then I hung some balloons out front, and on the car at the sled hill. I thought that the end result was pretty cute.

My Vet, the girls, and I had fun sledding for a little over an hour, and shared our extra sleds with new friends on the sled hill. Afterwards, we enjoyed the great snacks, and a warm crackling fire. We also learned that people are really busy this time of year. Hopefully, we will have this whole Christmas time birthday party thing figured out before she is old enough to be disappointed when no one shows up.

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