Friday, December 21, 2012

What a Crock!

So long friend.
My Vet and I got a Crock-Pot for Christmas 16 years ago. I was so happy to have one with a removable crock, at the time it was the latest advancement. This year I have been drooling over the super cute ones that have been on sale at just about every store. The contemporary new designs and the rock bottom sale prices didn't make me budge. How can I justify spending the money when I have a perfectly functional, not pretty, one. So I kept taking a deep breath and moved along. Yay me, right?
Only $16.88 at Walmart this week
Being the last day of school before Christmas, I decided I would bring lunch for my fellow teachers. As I was quickly whipping up a batch of chili this morning I heard a sharp ping noise. Why does such a pretty noise, sound so bad? I didn't have time to agonize over how much it would cost me now that I missed all the sales. Instead, I assessed that the small crock-pot was too small, and grabbed my roasting oven, compiled all of my ingredients and headed out the door.

I Just like this one.
Then, I had time to beat myself up for being cheap. Now it would probably cost me way more to replace it. Before panicking though, I remember that the best way to get a great price on something is being willing to wait. So instead of heading straight to the store I started my search. Since I have the little crock pot and the roaster I can make-do for a while. Surely I will be able to get one no later than the "Big Game" sales in late January.

Likely winner, $15 at Target
I really like some of the patterns available right now. I wonder if I will prefer something plain in the long run though. I know I liked the one up top when I first got it.

I also had problems with my can opener today. Several years ago I purchased a Kitchen Aid can opener, thinking it would be a good purchase. Nope, it didn't work well at all. It had to be held at a weird angle to get it to work at all. A few months back I finally gave up on it and purchased another brand. I tossed that one in the garbage with the slow cooker this morning, and grabbed the cheapo camping one. It worked awesome, should have done that sooner.

So much for making an inexpensive, easy treat for my coworkers...


  1. :( sad day in the Riddle kitchen. Get stainless.....will be super stylish for its entire life. Merry Crockmas!

  2. Cindi, I'm thinking the same thing. but of course they are more expensive. And $15 isn't bad for the black and white one...
    Looks like a good night at The Red Fox last night. Miss going there for dinned with you guys. Thanks for inviting us to your Christmas party it was nice to be back in your home for an evening.


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