Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pretzel Sprouts

This morning I asked my kids what they wanted for breakfast. One answered scrambled eggs and toast, the other said scrambled eggs and "the green stuff with salt". Uhm Ok?

After some questions, I guessed Brussels sprouts. She enthusiastically responded "Pretzel Sprouts!" What kid asks for Brussels sprouts? I was married for 12 years the first time I ever had them. My mom didn't like them, so we were never offered. FYI - that means my kids will have to wait at least that long, to try cabbage stew.

We actually really like them in our house. Maybe it's how they are prepared?

Easy and yummy Brussels Sprouts Recipe:

Start by boiling water in a pan on the stove. Meanwhile, cut off the tip of the sprout and remove any leaves that aren't appetizing.
Once the water is  at a boil add the sprouts. Cook on high until it returns to a boil. Continue to cook for 2 minutes. The goal is bright green and hot through, but not cooked to mush, they should still be crispy when you bite into it.
Remove from pan, sprinkle with salt. I prefer the large grains of a kosher or sea salt. Serve immediately.

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