Monday, September 23, 2013

En Fuego!!!

Finished, but lets get back to that.
I've been so busy telling you about all the happenings in my basement I completely forgot to tell you what else happened Labor Day weekend. You may remember a couple of years ago My Vet put the kibosh on all new projects until the fireplace was finally finished. Which led to a 2 year project completion goal. With all but the fireplace completed, and a major new project starting, I had no choice but to make sure the fireplace finally got finished too!

It only took 7 years from initial demolition. Several starts, stops, restarts, and do-overs have brought us to here. My initial plan was a stone finish at the bottom with a wood paneled surround at the top. I even had started applying materials, only to rip it all off.

The final finish of ceramic tile and smooth drywall not only compliments the mid century age of the house, it has clean lines that appeal to me.

But if you've ever done drywall it takes a long time from start to clean.
Second and final coat of mud. Followed by sanding, dust, and more dust.
Then I got to paint, but I was still recovering from fumes, so I opted for water based primer and finish coat..

 We did a small detail at the ceiling to cover a small gap that was originally covered with crown molding.

Here it is again so that you can properly ooh and aah.

How it's look the past 7 years
Getting there!

Cost Rundown
Drywall board FREE (left overs from a friend)
Mud and tape FREE (left overs we had on hand)
Corner strips $5
Primer FREE (left over from previous painting)
Paint FREE (left over from basement project)
Roller and brushes FREE (already owned)
Drywall screws FREE (already had on hand)
Total OOP $5

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