Friday, March 28, 2014


Last fall we decided that we had a need for a combination lock. $40 later it was installed and ready to use. A few months later, when we needed to access the lock, Guess what? We had  no idea what the combination was. Of course this happened during a MN blizzard while the temperature was well below zero. Bare fingers, trying multiple combinations is not my idea of a fun time. Several combinations later, we still were unable to access it. Fantastic! (I am hoping to figure it out when it gets warmer.)

Small collection of keys used to access various padlocks.
Fast forward another month and I won a free combination lock from WordLock. Honestly I wasn't all that thrilled since I have a history of forgetting things. A few months later and guess what? I still know what the word is! Luckily for me, I am able to remember words better than random numbers. Yes I know that random letters would be more secure than an actual word, but did you read the first paragraph of this post? Sarcasm aside, as an avid player of Words with Friends I know that there are some obscure words/letter combinations that would be harder to guess. I also learned to write down the combination for future reference. (Like looking for the giant ball of keys.)

Resetting the pre-programed word is simple, just follow the instructions on the packaging.

The best part though, is that once they found out I had a blog they offered to send me a different model that I get to share with two of my readers! Yippee! Use the widget below to enter, you might need to give it a minute to load. Everyone gets 1 entry, but if you share on FB you can get 2 extra entries. (Getting people involved in these review posts are essential so that I can offer further giveaways to you.)

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WordLock padlock that you could win!
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