Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun

We tend to focus more on reality than fantasy at our house, but when it comes to St. Patrick's Day I let the Irish part of me go crazy. Last year we had a wee bit of fun with leprechauns. My daughters didn't like the idea of trapping the leprechauns, they worried about how they would see their families again.

This time we decided to leave them a treat and kindly ask them to take a selfie. All they really wanted was just to see a leprechaun. A dish of "gold" and a fully charged camera were left out for them.
Made this cute poem, and then realized my
printer was COMPLETELY out of ink.

The girls woke to an empty dish and a stack of photos.

Just photos, this forgetful mom didn't pick up any candy,
or Lucky Charms. And wasn't heading out at 11pm.

I took these photos during a family trip last fall. While the rest of America was starting to think Elf on the Shelf, I was already getting ready for today.

At first the girls were upset that he didn't take better photos, but they were happy to share the story with their friends. Hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day too!

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