Thursday, September 26, 2013

This Girl is on Fire!

Missing Grout - Annoying
On Monday I started telling you about my progress on the Fireplace. Well today I am back at it. With the top portion finished and looking good. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the missing grout in the tile. With the top a mess I had successfully averted my eyes for months, but with the completion of the drywall and the imminent arrival of the mantle I had to put this project to bed.

I had looked at lots of grout color samples, and envisioned a variety of finishes, but then while working in the basement, I found left over grout from the previous homeowner. Can you say hoarder? I know I am but what are you?

There was a little light grey, and a little beige. Since I didn't know if either would be enough, I decided a nice beigy/grey grout would be perfect. I know and all this time you thought I was a slave to fashion and didn't even consider cost. Not! I know that I'm probably an atypical homeowner, but I was able to find latex based additive, grout sealant, and all the tools I needed for this job already in the house.

With all the decisions made for me. Color? Sanded or Unsanded? Do I use additive or water? Should I seal it? I stepped outside to mix it up. Since I only needed a small amount I decided to just mix it by hand with a trowel in a recycled ice cream bucket. It started fine, but since the grout was old it had lots of clumps that I just couldn't mix out by hand. So I searched the garage for paddle and a drill.

For grout/mortar/cement I like to used a corded hammer drill. I turn the hammer bit off, but it has a handle attachment so I can grip the drill with both hands. It is also stronger than a cordless and less likely to burn out if my mix gets to thick. (I've burned out a hand mixer making mashed potatoes, so this is a valid concern in my house.) The paddle and drill made quick work of the clumps leaving me with a smooth mixture.

After letting the grout rest for 10 minutes per the instructions I got to work squeezing it between the tile cracks with a rubber float at an angle to the grout lines to work it in and squeegee the tile somewhat clean of grout.

I worked for a little over 30 minutes on the front, then came back with a special grout sponge that is scratchy on one side and smooth on the other, changing my water often. After it looked pretty good I moved on to the narrow sides and did the same thing.

I then used clear water one more time to sponge off any remaining residue. I still need to use the sealant I found on the grout, and the mantle is coming, but I'm digging it!

Yep that's My Little Pony, that's how we DIY around here!

FREE every item used was left over from previous projects.


  1. Anonymous9/26/2013

    I love your blogs Cindy, they (you) inspire me!!!!

  2. Anonymous9/28/2013

    Can hardly wait to see it in person!


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