Monday, September 9, 2013


School started back up so I only have one daily helper now. But she worked hard and made sure I didn't miss any spots. Since my floor had been previously painted, my options were to live with it as is (No Way!); sand/grind the paint off so I could lay tile or a concrete overlay(Uh...No); or repaint (that sounds pretty painless).
After painting all the other surfaces, I prepped the floor for new paint. I started by sweeping that went pretty good, but I did haul out a couple of full small garbage cans. Yuck! Then I used a scrub brush and a mop to scrub them clean. No matter how often I changed the water, it was almost always a thick sludge color. No wonder nobody wanted to spend much time down here. During the mopping stage I noticed lots of small debris and lint that was released from the floor, so I followed up with a final vacuuming to get any small particles.
Kids area almost back together.
 After letting the floors dry overnight, I took my oldest to her first day of school then changed into my paint clothes. I found a paint screen and an empty, clean 5 gallon bucket to pour my floor paint. Allowing me to completely submerge my roller in the bucket. Then started to trim around the edges with a brush. My youngest found me just as I was about to start rolling and lent a helping hand.
It is so bright now I am able to take photos without a flash or a tripod! I've also noticed that for the first time ever the dog likes to come downstairs too. I am almost ready to pat myself on the back.

Cost for this project for:
2 gallons of tinted paint
1 paint screen
-25% coupon
$50 Total OOP


  1. Anonymous9/09/2013

    Wow! Looks wonderful! Big change!

    1. Thanks. I'm really enjoying it, Even though it is still unfinished, it is now more usable. I feel like my house is suddenly a lot bigger.

  2. Jane Yetzer9/10/2013

    Looks like your hard work paid off!!!


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