Friday, February 8, 2013

Thrift Store Challenge

Ready to "Pop some tags"
Have you ever heard of the group Macklemore? Me neither. (That is until John and Sherry over at Young House Love, introduced them to me.)

They are not exactly the kind of music I usually listen too, but you all know how I love a challenge. So thanks to John and Sherry I listened to a "cleaned up" version of the song, put "$20 in my pocket", grabbed my kids and a camera.

Thanks to the kids I found
something to buy
We have several Thrift stores in town. I can't say that I have been extremely lucky in my finds at any of them. Since they are close I check them out when I can, and I sometimes find something. If you know of a good one near by, tell me! (My mom obviously has a good one, but that is a bit too far to drive very often.)

For this challenge I went to 2 stores before finding something to buy. A cute little purple dress and a power cord for a Leapster2 I had picked up off Craigslist. Total Spent :$3.00 My best frugal tip is that no matter how cheap, don't buy it if you wouldn't want it at full price.

Some of my scavenger hunt finds were:

Borrowing my "Grandpa's style", and "Aah he got the velcroes"! 
They didn't "have a broken keyboard", but this non-working trapset counts right?
"Dooky Brown Leather Jacket that I found"
look at that rockin suede detail.

No "knee boards" during a MN winter. But these should totally count.

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  1. Anonymous2/08/2013

    This is too funny!! I love the song and seeing someone do this made me LOL! Love it!!


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