Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me the Lunatic

Yep 2 kids and 3 boxes. (for School & Preschool)
As a kid time was marked by how long until the next holiday or birthday. Then I started school and it was 3 day weekends, snow days, spring break, summer etc. Sometime after college I noticed that I no longer noticed back to school or start of summer. It all blended together with a periodic recognition of the date. Yes, I am referring to dates like New Years 2000 when the world's computers were supposed to crash. Ouch, did I just admit how old I am?

Now I'm a mom and time seems to be marked by throwing out candy. What? That's crazy talk! Who are you? My inner child is screaming. My kids are so much better than I was when it comes to candy. I don't think my kids have ever gotten sick from eating too much candy. I sadly admit that it has happened to me so many times I learned moderation the hard way. OK, OK I like to tell myself I have learned moderation.

My calendar/ candy jar.

At Valentine's day I empty the candy jar of candy canes and other Christmas candy; Easter is when I dump the old Valentine's Candy; summer parades mean the end of the Old Easter Candy. The only exception is that the Halloween Candy makes it until the gingerbread house is made. This was not an easy conclusion. I waged a mighty battle at first, but looking in the mirror always ends the war.

Unfortunately, a new battle always starts fresh and I head in with a smile on my face. We spent today laughing and making Valentine's to share our sugar addiction, and then made cute smiling boxes to welcome more into our home.

Lunacy is doing the same action, expecting a different result.

So next year I challenge me and you, to create sugar free Valentine's that the kids will love. Are you in?

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