Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big News for a Small Town

My Vet standing on the site of the future home of Walmart
I live in a nice little town of about 5,000 people. With lots of small town charm. Around once a week or so, I travel out of town, to get what I needed, but couldn't find here. It was all good. It kept me from impulse buying, and many times I would try the thrift store on the off chance I could find a needed item there. It's been great for the budget.

Then on Friday, the business landscape changed. Walmart opened it's doors. It has been "coming" for about 5 years now. All of the pro/con Walmart arguments have taken place. Like it or not, it is here. It's been funny to read the Facebook comments, I'm a little surprised about the euphoria some are feeling. I've even read people wanting to showing up on the 'people of walmart' website. Huh? Really? Please help us Lord!

Anywho.. On Saturday morning I decided to get up early and beat the overly, excited crowds to do some couponing.

Because of the available land, it is smaller in size than most Walmarts, so selection is more limited. I found that many of the items I was looking for, weren't carried. (In Extreme Couponing, variety of brands and size are important) If I only wanted an item, and didn't care about the brand/size I could have done better. I found a few things, but mostly struck out on the couponing.

Watch for a project with this fabric.
What I did find though, was a huge arts and craft section. Loads of art paint (bring on that Christmas project), and some fabric that I just have to find a use for.

Honestly, I was glad to not find everything I wanted. I hope that bodes well for the other businesses in town. After going to Walmart, I shopped in 4 other stores in town. All of them had other customers. I even saw 10 people in a store that I have never seen another customer in at the same time!

I have lived here for 9 years with My Vet, and we have worked with many organizations to improve the business climate of our community. We have seen rebirth in the industrial park, and now retail has changed. I look forward to seeing new faces around town!

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