Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super, Fantastic, Amazing Cake?

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Several years ago I took some cake decorating classes with a friend from work. It was fun, and I learned some great tips. I have since made a lot of fun cakes for birthdays, holidays, church picnics, and random days of the week. Don't get me wrong, you are not going to see me on the Food Network anywhere but in my dreams, Halloween, or on April Fools Day. That said, I like to make my family feel special by making them cakes on their birthday.

Made these for a MOPS cake walk.
A long time ago, I learned that My Vet only feels special when I make a cake from a box, with canned frosting. To make it more festive, I get to go crazy and use funfetti cake and frosting. I always struggle with the fact it isn't complicated enough. Then I am reminded that I'm the complicated one, not him.

A just because cake.
When we were first married I asked My Vet if he had any idea where a particular dish was, his response was "I put it in the tupperware cabinet. Since tupperware has fitted lids, and it has a fitted lid. I figured that is where you would put it." (It was actually french white, oven safe, glassware and so it went in another cabinet. I could understand his thought process though, and loved that he noticed I had a system, and tried to figure it out.")

If I can be complicated on my birthday by requesting cheese cake, ice cream cake, or pie, my Vet should get to be straight forward and get a simple frosted cake. I should also be thankful that I get the easier birthday celebration to plan.

Retiring to a farm cake

Birthday Cake

Actually made this one in a countertop roaster, when my oven went out before Christmas!
Disco themed birthday party

Church picnic

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