Saturday, September 29, 2012


I have been slowly working on my living room for the last year or so. I sill have one large project left. But I am starting to think about accessories. I have been digging through websites trying to find that easy to follow formula. So far no luck. I might just have to figure this out on my own. yikes.

I am thinking that I need to change the pillows on the couch, hang curtains, change out the kid folding chairs, paint the wall behind the stairs, and hang some wall art. As usual, my budget is tight. Here is a little photo gallery of some of the pieces I am considering. I would love any advice or tips from you, my much trendier readers.

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  1. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Hey Cindy,
    Going over some of your older posts. My site can help you with display and accessorizing. Head on over

    Cheryl B.


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