Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sun Protection. About Time!

I have a history of heat stroke. It all started when My Vet was in vet school. Money was tight, so sometimes we had to bike or walk to get places. I decided to bike across town to my job on a hot summer day. I over did it, and I've been easily susceptible ever since.

In the past few years, I have gotten heat stroke at least once a summer. I know that's bad. It wasn't on purpose. When I knew I had to be outside, I drank lots of water, brought along an umbrella, and rested often, to no avail. This summer my Mother-in-law recommend I start wearing a hat. All summer I wore a baseball cap when I was outside, and kept my eye out for something better. It worked! Wearing a hat shielded me from the sun, and reminded me to stop more often.

I still wanted a hat that had a wide brim though. Now that summer is over and I don't really need it anymore this year, guess what I found? On Saturday, I went to a huge craft fair with a friend, and stumbled upon one. I am not much of a hat person, and I think I look goofy in them, but I tried it on anyway. As my friend was commenting how much she liked it, a random stranger chimed in to say how cute it looked on me. Since I do not regularly get compliments on my appearance from strangers, I had no choice. I impulse bought it out of peer pressure. What am I 15?

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