Friday, January 17, 2014

Sticky Situation

No link to the decal in the back, they never really stuck, and
it was way smaller than depicted in the Amazon Listing
As I completed different rooms around the house. The girls became dissatisfied with the state of their own room. Considering I had originally gone really neutral when I was first pregnant, Me Vet and I agreed it was time to go girly.

The girls and I came up with a plan and got started. I found a awesome deal on Amazon for decals. They shipped from overseas so it took several weeks to get them. For me the wait was worth the savings. They arrived rolled tightly so I laid them flat and weighted them down for a few weeks while I prepped the room for them.

Once it was all ready I showed the girls and the 3 of us had fun hanging them. We modified them to fit around the window, and we didn't use the words. That's what I like about decals though, they are just stickers and you can do what you want with them.

The girls loved the final way it looked. They have even stopped asking about the rainbow. They just wanted color and girly and didn't know how to articulate that better than "rainbow".


  1. Amazing! It has a fairy feel...very beautifil

  2. Amazing! It has a fairy feel...very beautifil


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