Friday, June 29, 2018

Finding Fun Inside the Box

As you know reader, we are always looking for fun and educational things we can do with our kids. My Vet ran across a monthly subscription for Kiwi Co. a few months ago that we finally decided to try. (Thanks eerily, accurately, targeted ads.)

They offer a variety of categories for all ages of kids. We couldn't decide between Doodle, that we knew the kids would like, and Tinker that mom and dad liked. So we got both.

The first (Tinker) box arrived earlier this week. Today a crazy heatwave had us finding refuge in the air conditioning instead of playing outside, a perfect day for a box of fun.

Step by step illustrated instructions are thorough.

The box was a self contained project. The only tool that wasn't provided was a pair of scissors. (I think most of us have those around the house.) The blueprints were easy to follow. I don't think the kids thought building a circuit board was as cool as dad and I did though. They were more interested in finishing so they could use it.
That small circuit board connects the motor to the battery pack. The kit has the kids moving the wires and testing how the resisters affect the motor speed.
After the kids finished playing I sat down with the booklet so that I could better understand it as well. I have a not so secret desire to understand circuit boards better so that I can improve my Dancing Christmas Light Display. Who would have thought that this toy could help me?

My kids quickly assembled the project and then had fun playing with it. I'm glad I looked through the booklet though, because in addition to information on centripetal and centrifugal force they offered several other activities you could do using household objects like cups, balls, hangers, straws, and water. We'll get to those another day.

My 9 year old. is excited to open the next (Doodle) box, My 11 year old said she was only building it because she "had" too, and then anxiously elbowed her sister out of the way so that she could have a go at playing with it.

At about $20 a month (price varies depending on how many you purchase) it is a good value for the amount of entertainment and learning. My kids are at an age where they don't ever want anything for birthdays or Christmas. A subscription would be a great gift idea.

We paid full price, but right now you can save on your first month by use the code FLAG at checkout and pay just $9.95 for the first month.

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