Monday, February 1, 2016

Grown up Furniture

I've officially been an adult longer than not. I've been watching home improvement shows since BEFORE HGTV existed. Think Changing Rooms BBC. All those years and home improvement projects, and my bed still sits on a college level metal frame.

I've used Anna White's plans before, I have many of my own tools, I even have my very own collection of safety goggles. Norm from the New Yankee workshop would be proud. The weather is nice, my girls are old enough to entertain themselves in the yard. It is time.

I assembled all the wood. I went with basic inexpensive pine, in hindsight I would have spent a little more and gotten a nicer, harder wood, or even used some salvaged wood, but it is what it is. 

I borrowed a drill press from a friend to make sure that my holes were perfect 90 degree angle.

It was very easy to put together and it turned out very pretty, and heavy. 

Then it went bad. I wanted a darker look and went with a gel stain. Next time I take it apart I might attempt to change the finish though as It didn't turn out exactly how I had hoped, But since My work space isn't heated. Winter put a stop to finishing, so I installed it as is.

Installation of the headboard was a breeze, I simple drilled holes that lined up with the holes on the bed frame and attached with bolts, washers, and nuts. My cheapo bed frame did not have holes for the foot board. Bummer again. I could used 1X6's to make rails that run along the side of the bed and attach the foot board. By now I wasn't loving the finish though and didn't relish the idea of buying wood to finish in a way I didn't like so that it would match. I was also having some issues with the softness of the wood. So I did what anyone would do I asked my friends at Google for some ideas.

That brought me to Amazon and something called a Bed Claw which is just an extender that attaches to the end of a metal frame and provides a plate to attach foot boards too. I wasn't too excited at spending another $30 toward this project. Did I tell I don't like the finish? But decided to go for it any way. It was easy to use and in about an hour the foot board was attached, and I officially had a REAL bed.

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