Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mmmm Coffee....

***The product you see in the photo was given to me in exchange for my honest evaluation. All opinions expressed are my own.***

My kids eat hot dogs, and mac and cheese. I have an unhealthy addiction to baked goods. I like my steaks medium rare, I even shop the center isles of my grocery store. **gasp**

That said, I try to avoid many of the chemical additives such as aspertame, acrylamide, polysorbates, BHA and BHT. My general rule of thumb is to try and stick to foods my ancestors would be able to recognize as food. I say all that so you get a better understanding of me. What you eat and serve your family is none of my business. We all make choices that are best for us, that's the beauty of living in a country with so many choices and sources of information.

Why such a long-winded disclaimer?  Because my biggest obstacle in enjoying the Keurig is the plastic K-Cup Packs. For starters haven't we repeatedly been told that we shouldn't eat/drink foods that have been heated in plastic because of the toxins released? I honestly don't believe any company that tells me they've engineered a heat safe plastic. (Anyone ever played the card game BS?)

For years we've been told that us evil Americans are literally destroying the earth with our garbage. Here is a side by side photo of the old way and the Keurig way. (A 1 lb bag of coffee beans equals approximately 64 K-Cup Pack servings). That's 266% more garbage. I also can't help but wonder about the Fossil Fuels going into the K-cup Packs. It's interesting to note that there are "Green" companies that are part of this craze, yet very few actual stats are available to the consumer. (Remember that card game yet?)

Sorry about all the skepticism, I'm actually a glass is half full kind of person. I do question the rational that humans are capable of changing the global climate that has historically seen continental shifts, worldwide flooding, an ice age, and an E.L.E. that wiped out the dinosaurs etc. So my concern over garbage production and fossil fuel usage may seem out of place, but as a Proverbs 31 woman I try to be a good steward of resources.

As a good MN girl, I like love bleed Caribou Coffee so that's what I'm going to compare. I expect similar findings from the other brands of available coffees. 

Caribou Blend 12.99 1lb ($.20 per serving)
Caribou Blend 15.99 24 K-Cup Packs ($.67 per serving ) 2.67 packages of K-Cups = 1 bag of coffee. That's $42.53 vs. 12.99!

Now that I've gotten to geek out a bit, it's time to taste test!

I find the K-cup coffee to be much stronger than I can make with a traditional coffee maker, I put that in the plus column!

I also find it so easy to just make another cup, I have had to cut myself off at Noon so that I can sleep at night.

1 week into the test, I have put on weight from the constant availability of brewed beverages. Both my Vet and I have had heartburn problems that we have not previously had. We also feel like our heart rates have increased and feel jittery.

Final result: NOPE going back to my traditional coffee pot.

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