Friday, May 31, 2013

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

I love ice cream! My fondest childhood memories usually include ice cream. Root beer floats from the A&W after family night at the swimming pool, Sundaes from McDonald's as we drove around the lake. My first job was at Zesto an ice cream shoppe. Two of my sister's first job was at the local Dairy Queen. When mom sent dad to the store, he always came home with a gallon of ice cream too. 
I still don't think you get it. I actually vividly recall the birth of the Blizzard. It was an ice cream invention that blew my mind. Ice cream plus candy, seriously? Sliced bread can no longer be used as a benchmark. When my dad was hospitalized near the end of his life, the one comfort we brought in was a Snicker's Blizzard.
Even though they are my favorite food EVER, I have a hard time spending the money. As you know we live a pretty tight budget. For $15 we can buy them for our family. Or I can by buy the individual ingredients for $7 and have enough for our family and plenty of extra for later.
They are easy to make. 2 ingredients and 1 appliance.
Scoop enough ice cream in your stand mixer for the number of people you are serving. Chop the candy bar into large chunks and add to the bowl. It is a thick mix so use a heavy duty mixer and a flat beater.

Mix until combined. Do not add milk. Do not use a blender. They are suppose to be thick.

Scoop into a dish and serve immediately! The difference between a shake and a Blizzard is consistency. Shakes have milk added and can be sipped through a straw. The difference between a milk shake and a malt, is malt powder (essentially ground up malted milk balls.) it is a difference in flavor not consistency.  I like candy, but if you've bought a Blizzard recently, you can add any flavor just like a shake. So let your imagination run wild!

Disclosure: I do not own stock in an ice cream franchise, I am not a dairy farmer. I did work briefly at Kemps in customer service and in my brief tenure ate more Kempswiches than a decent person ought too. I also once was a part of an event held by the MN Dairy Association. They served the richest, creamiest, ice cream I have ever tasted.

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  1. What a great idea! I thought about buying the kitchenaid ice cream maker once but this is a better use of the mixer. Gotta go, off to the store to buy ice cream and skor bars.


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