Monday, October 22, 2012

Wall art on a budget

I found this post on Pinterest, I even posted it to my board. I then promptly forgot about it until I was begging for help, and a friend recommended it.

I picked up the canvasses and paint at Micheal's, but I wasn't impressed with their paper choices. I found the papers I liked at Craft's Direct. I had intended to go to Archiver's, just found myself in a different part of town. Once I had all my items I was eager to get it on the wall.

I laid out some newspaper, grabbed a brush and started to paint the sides. You could really choose any color for the side, I went with a brown/black color that goes with the touches of Oil Rubbed Bronze already in the room. The paint was thick and reminded my of pudding, or fudge ice cream topping. Yum!( Guess what I had for snack when I finished.) After letting it dry, I applied a second coat of paint.

The 12x12 canvas and the 12x12 paper do not match up perfectly. Cut your paper to fit. I cut mine slightly smaller to allow a bit of the paint to show through. A paper cutter works great for this.

Since I wanted the paint to show, I thought it would be best to burnish the edges of my paper. I again dove into my scrapbooking supplies and used liquid chalk to 'dirty' up the edges a bit.

Then came the hard part. Adhering the paper to the canvas. If you want a bubbled paper look, just do what I did at first. Liberally spread Mod Podge on the back of the paper, then the canvas, then on top, without waiting for it to dry.

If you want it to have a nice smooth finish...
Slow down! Spread Mod Podge sparingly on the back of your paper and on the edges of your canvas. Position your paper and slowly rub until it is adhered well and smooth. Let it completely dry, then apply a layer of Mod Podge on the top. After it is dry you may spread another thin coat. You can do as many coats as you want. I did 2 because I might have to wash it someday, but for the most part will only dust it.

***After 24 hours of drying all but 2 of the canvasses, dried flat. I am still deciding if I want to redo them...***

Hanging your canvas has many options. I decided it would be easiest for me to get them hung evenly, straight, and level if I just use 3M Command adhesive. My canvas did not have any hooks, and it could get expensive to add them to 9. I also was leery about using picture wire and then trying to get all 9 of them to look evenly spaced. 3M Command worked super slick. The canvas is fairly light, and there is no wiggle since this is a wall that is frequently walked by.

My Living Room is starting to look pretty good now. It has come a long way in the past year.
Before. It really was that dark. Look at Nate Berkus on the TV.
How embarrassed would he be, to be in this picture?
Progress. Still some big projects to do, but looking tons better!

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