Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chocolate? Yes Please!

I love chocolate. You know that girl in college who had that box of Little Debbies for those late night cravings? Ok that wasn't me, but I did keep some change so that I could run to the vending machine if it happened after the student commons where closed for the night.

I also admit to recently  eating an entire large bag of M&M's. (It took me a few days so that doesn't count as bad does it?) I can't tell you the last time I was 100% out of chocolate chips. I panic around 2 bags remaining. (You just never know when you will need to make cookies or bars.)

So when Chupon Chocolate asked me to sample and review their product line How could I say no?

What is Chupon Chocolate? Chupon is the magic that happens when a Swiss chocolatier carefully infuses fruit and other exotic flavors into rich Swiss Neuch√Ętel chocolate.

Mayan was the first of the 3 flavors I tried. It had a kick. A slow heat that came in behind. I know that is popular and I think paired with a cream for Hot Cocoa or over Ice Cream could be really good. Straight up I thought it was odd to have the spice. But overall it was smooth and hard the way a good chocolate should be.

Next up was the Dark. I know lots of purists prefer dark, I find dark to be bitter, so I was pleasantly surprised. The 80% Dark had a smooth flavor that wasn't overly sweet, without being bitter. Just a good classic piece of chocolate that has universal appeal and usage.

My favorite by far was the one I couldn't read the label on. Whomp, whomp, whomp. The label looked like "White Matcha". It looked similar to the green tea on the website, and even had a mild tea like flavor.

What I liked best about all 3 was that they were satisfying. It has been a really hard and long winter, and I have spend way too much time wrapped in layers of clothes and flannel blankets while eating and sipping hot sugar laden beverages to stay warm. Now that we are finally above freezing I've noticed it's time to work off some of those "layers". One small piece and I was finished. Unlike the mass marketed chocolates, when one just makes me crave 10+ more.

Yep I'm saying chocolate could help you lose weight! Chupon has a great website with lots of decadent recipes. You can also follow them on Facebook for recipes, photos, and some overall chocolate love.

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