Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Morning

You can tell from the photo that I didn't get the fireplace project finished before Easter. I did make some progress on Saturday, and you can see the boxes of tile are sitting there ready to be hung.

I am not here to rehash my unfinished project, but to share the joy of Easter. Even with my newly lit living room I still couldn't get a good picture of the kids, they were too busy dashing from egg to egg, and I was too distracted to actually mess with the camera settings. But I like how this photo captures their energy.

Girls are all smiles as they find their baskets and spy some eggs.
Table scape courtesy of the table
runner my sister quilted, and
some of the linen napkins I made
for my wedding reception
so many years ago
They found all but One (We found that one SEVERAL hours later.)

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