Friday, September 4, 2015

The Next Chapter.

Today marks the start of a new school year. This year that looks different for us. My Vet and I have always been proponents of homeschooling, now it's our turn to take the plunge.

Don't worry this blog is still going to focus on homemaking skills. Although,  I might toss in learning projects here and there. (All that work/creativity needs to be immortalized somewhere right?) The main focus will continue to be cultivating a home life you and your family love to live.

(Both are before this update)
Creating a separate space was important to me. I went pretty girly with their book nook, but this space would need to double as my office, and I need some serenity.

A simple modification to my office, turned complicated by a leak in the roof. The leak was repaired when we re-sided earlier this summer, that still left a hole in the ceiling and some patchwork to do.

Have you ever tried to patch a hole in a textured ceiling? Did you know how much I detest popcorn ceilings? Several weeks after removing the furniture, the ceiling was given a crisp, white, smooth finish; the walls were repainted in almost the original shade of soothing beige; layers of drywall dust were cleaned up and it was time to furnish.

Let's step back a minute. "Removing furniture" is a bit misleading. You see I actually spent 2 months purging, re-purging, and re-re-purging. Lots of completely full garbage cans, recycle cans, and many trips to the thrift store to free up some much needed space. I didn't want to ruin it all by buying loads of new stuff to refill it back up. 

This is the same view as above, minus loads of stuff! 
Yes there was a window there!

Here is the total of what I purchased:
Drywall mud (Everything else I needed to patch I already had!) $18
Paint (1 gallon for walls, already had primer, white and brushes/rollers)  $18
Table $25
Clock $5

$118 For a complete overhaul. Everything else I already had, or made from salvaged items around the house!

I really like how these art clips turned out. I made 1 for each kid.
(Yard stick, wooden clothes pins, paint, wood glue, staple gun, Command adhesive)

The left over canvases were a fun project for the girls.

The shelf was the first wood project I made after getting married. It's been in the garage storing assorted hardware for the past 10 years. After a good cleaning I moved it in and it fit the space and the bins perfectly.

I might still paint it in the future, but I just wanted to be done for now.

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